SoundBridge 2019




Taylor’s University Lakeside campus


1, Jalan Taylors, 47500, Subang Jaya,

Selangor, Malaysia




SoundBridge Festival 2019 is a music festival that presents new compositions from local, South East Asian, and international artists. This season, the Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC) and Studio C bring you five days of events, including 2 masterclasses, 6 concerts, and a panel discussion. We, the organizers, make cutting edge music very accessible to the curious new audiences as well as returning audiences by bringing on board 60 illustrative artists and musicians for a multisensorial experience of contemporary music. The festival will be held from 19th to 23rd of November 2019 at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus.

SoundBridge Festival began in 2013 when the SMCC launched the “SoundBridge” contemporary music festival series. These bi-annual festivals aim to create an artistic space through music education, concert participation, and new audience outreach. It has been an international festival since its conception and we are now in our fourth season.

由马来西亚当代作曲家协会(SMCC)、C工作室(Studio C)举办及泰莱大学(Taylor’s University)为协办单位、歌德学院和马来西亚艺术学院为支持单位,《第四届音桥当代音乐节》将在2019年11月19日至23日于泰莱大学湖畔校区(Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus) 举行。本届音乐节包括了六场音乐会、两场大师班会及一场音乐与跨界之论坛。此外,我们也非常高兴邀请到极具代表性的本地和国际音乐家进行表演与合作。此次音乐节将有超过60位国内外的优秀音乐家,他们将带领听众一探当代音乐的创新和多元面貌。

The 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival will be held at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus from 19th to 23rd of Nov 2019. We will be presenting 6 concerts, 2 masterclasses, and 1 panel discussion!

With more than 60 composers and artists involved in this festival, we hope to bring to our audience a fresh experience and a better understanding of contemporary music.

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全马唯一当代音乐艺术节——第四届《音桥当代音乐节》,将在2019年11月19日至23日于泰莱大学湖畔校区(Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus) 举行。




from the patron of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)

YAM Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin Ibni Tuanku Muhriz:

YAM Tunku Abidin-SB2019

I’m thrilled to support the 4th SoundBridge Festival. Faithful to its name and original objective, this event is all about bridging different sounds together within the spectrum of contemporary music. I’m glad to see influences from the classical music tradition as well as jazz, but the “bridging” here also refers to different cultural traditions, and I look forward to hearing how musicians from across the region will be working together.

Congratulations to Dr Chong Kee Yong and the entire team from the co-organisers in undertaking this important project which I am sure will stimulate and educate the audiences.


YB Teo-SB2019

I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to Dr Chong Kee Yong and his team for bringing in an impressive assortment of excellent performers and collaborative artists for “SoundBridge 2019” Contemporary Music Festival.

The SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival is not only an important platform to nurture and assist the teaching of music in Malaysia, but also as a grand event to promote Asian music and host cultural exchanges. It is the original intention of the festival to gather the best composers and chamber orchestras in the industry to showcase the most cutting-edge contemporary music.

I believe that with the continuous growth and development of the SoundBridge Music Festival, more outstanding works by contemporary Malaysian composers and Asian composers will be produced and showcased. The influence of this event will become greater as it continues to grow and reach globally. In terms of function, it is not only a museum that displays and stores contemporary sounds, but also an important base for nurturing Malaysia’s new generation of composers and works.

I sincerely wish for a very eventful and successful musical festival which enriches the souls of our fellow local musicians and those participating in this festival.

Thank you.


Deputy Minister

Ministry of Education in Malaysia


from the Director-General of National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN)

Norliza Rofli_SB2019

It is with great admiration that I congratulate Dr Chong Kee Yong and his team on the 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival.  Over the span of eight years, this festival has sparked interest in contemporary music amongst many people in our country who have never encountered it before, and is also unique in its exploration and combining of various forms of expression across a wide range of artistic disciplines, truly resonating with the traditional Asiatic idea of the arts as being integrative and all-encompassing. I believe that the interaction of creative experiences between different artists will reach another dimension of achievement and success with the fertile platform provided by this visionary festival.

Once again,  I would like to thank the organizers of the 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2019 on putting this spectacular event together. I wish a great success on this festival and the very best to all the participants!

With Best Regards,



National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN)

Ministry of Tourism and Culture


from the President of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)


I’m extremely excited about the 4th SoundBridge Festival. The festival has given a platform for local composers, performers since its first edition. It also has given great interaction with composers in the South East Asian region. This definitely brings unique sound colours for all the works composed and created. What is important the event is one of the proudest moment of SMCC and we are supporting, helping out all best we can to make sure the event will be a successful.

On behalf of SMCC, we are very grateful too with the support of our patron, Ministry of Higher Education, local and international supporters of the SoundBridge. Hope the support will be continuous in the future. We very much appreciate it from our deepest bottom of our heart.

I would like to say congratulation to Dr Chong Kee Yong for his tireless effort and passion to make this project a stimulus to local composers and an educational avenue to our society and community and access to our local contemporary art music. Thank you Dr Chong and his entire organizing team in which without all of you, the event will not materialised.

Have a great event and happy listening!

Dr Associate professor Tazul Tajuddin

Dean and Associate Professor in composition at the Faculty of Music, UiTM

President of Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC)



Anindita Dasgupta-SB2019

It is a great honour for Taylor’s University to co-host the prestigious Soundbridge Festival 2019 at the Lakeside campus.

The very name of the festival signifies the crucial role that the arts play in bridging differences and creating connections between cultures, peoples and communities.

Not only are the arts custodians of history and culture, but in times of extraordinary technological leaps, it is artistic innovations that provide society with the power to adapt and to innovate.

This festival brings together eminent artists who will no doubt inspire our youth and will be a platform to facilitate intercultural exchanges.

Music, as they say, have no language- perhaps the only language it speaks is that of love and peace.

Taylor’s University wishes all the very best to the organizers and the artistes.

Let us all speak the language of music!

Associate Prof. Dr Anindita Dasgupta

Head of School-School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Taylor’s University



04 Stehle Rolf_SB2017

The Goethe-Institut Malaysia is very glad to be invited to cooperate with the SoundBridge Festival yet again. With pleasure, we have been cooperating with the festival right from its first edition in 2013. SoundBridge stands for contemporary and new music, innovation, cross-media approaches and intercultural exchange between artists from East and West. We are particularly happy that with the Kairos Quartet from Germany we have one of the most prolific string quartets in the area of new music at the festival this year. The quartet is specialized in compositions after 1950 and in premieres. In Greek mythology Kairos is the god of fortunate opportunities and the right moment. Also Berlin-based artist Ya-ou Xie will enrich the festival together with musicians from other parts of the world. Together with their Malaysian colleague musicians and composers they all will develop contemporary music and help to further establish its place in society.

I congratulate the organizers of the SoundBridge Festival 2019, Studio C, Taylor’s University and SMCC, wish the festival great success and the participants and visitors challenging events and enriching festival experience.

Rolf Stehle

Director of Goethe-Institut Malaysia



It is indeed a great pleasure for the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) to play a part in the 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2019 along with The Society of Malaysian Contemporary Composers (SMCC). The collaboration has seen great synergy between the committees and I believe that the festival will exude the positive energy that emanates from this synergy.

Going on its fourth year, this festival has identified itself to be a splendid platform for music enthusiasts to enjoy contemporary music at its finest. The title of the festival “SoundBridge” is an inspiring reminder that music unites and transcends all that still divides us. MIA is proud to be able to participate in such a meaningful festival. I believe that the audience will be deeply immersed in the creative spectrum created for them. My very best wishes for a smooth and successful festival.

 Dr Lok Lay Hong

Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA)


Dieter Mack-SB2019

In today’s world, gaps between people seem to prosper gradually. Only a short glance over the world’s political turmoils demonstrate more separation than collaboration. In such unpleasant times, it is necessary for us all to stand up and do something for the sake of humanity and “togetherness in diversity”. Diversity is the essence of human existence (and actually also for nature, what we often forget). It makes the world richer and enables new experiences that may bring us forward from day to day. And “togetherness” means to accept and celebrate those different views and standpoints. It means to learn from each other or even to go a step further into unknown fields of experiences that can only be achieved together.

In such a situation, I am happy that the responsible institutions like SMCC, Goethe Institut, Studio C and Taylor’s University and above all, the mentor Dr Chong, Kee Yong (and his team) continue to organize the 4th Soundbridge Contemporary Music Festival. Although with a limited budget, the organizers were able to put together a challenging program that demonstrates those two things: diversity but also togetherness. Unique individual composers from all over the world stand beside collaborative projects with artists of different backgrounds. I am sure that the results will cause many debates in a positive sense.

But that is at least one thing art is about: to move people in many directions, to give them new experiences that may influence their view of their individual life forms and behaviours. Even artistic confrontations may finally come to exciting results.

I wish the festival big audiences and the utmost success, and I really regret that this year I cannot be a part of it.

Prof. Dieter Mack

Composition professor of Musikhochschule Lübeck


KairosII 146

The SoundBridge Festival is an important contribution to Contemporary Art Music (CAM) as a global art form. Born from the Western Avantgarde CAM has now linked to so many of the world’s music styles that one can argue that it has shed all links to imperialism and colonialism which made Western music globally known in the first place.

In Malaysia’s budding contemporary music scene the SoundBridge Festival and it’s Artistic Director, the Malaysia-China-Belgium-trained composer Dr Chong Kee Yong, offer the sole window to international exchange on a significant scale with musicians coming from different countries in Europe and East Asia.

We wish the Festival continuing great success. May it influence audiences, music schools, bring together musicians from different places and walks of life, and may it help to create an environment in which CAM becomes an instrument of human expression and an object of intercourse for more residents of Malaysia.

Claudius von Wrochem

Cellist of the Kairos Quartet


Unsuk Chin

It is with great pleasure that I hear about the SoundBridge Festival in Malaysia. It combines cutting-edge innovation with age-old concepts, and greatly contributes to the cultural exchange between Asia and Europe, and will doubtlessly be a highly inspiring opportunity for local musicians as well as for guests from abroad, for composers, critics and the audience. This cultural openness and curiosity are of particular importance in our times and I wish the 4th SoundBridge festival a wonderful 2019 edition!

Unsuk Chin




Congratulations on SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2019! I sincerely admire the festival team for their tremendous work and contribution to make this 4th edition realized, by inviting excellent musicians from around the world, and programming and organizing the festival.

I hope that the festival’s s visions will be transmitted from Malaysia to the world to foster a prosperous network and bring happiness as a consequence.

I very look forward to seeing you all on-site!

Hirokaz Ota

Composer, Music Director of Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center


Chen Musheng-SB2019



–Every era presents pioneers who, owing to the passion and dedication towards their cause, tackle various difficulties and frustration head-on, persisting through the years, demonstrating their invaluable resilience through the most trying circumstances – this brings to mind a Chinese idiom: “the tougher the accomplishment, the more worthy of praise!” The SMCC Sound Bridge Contemporary Music Festival founded by Dr Chong Kee Yong is precisely such an accomplishment.



Prof Chen Musheng

Composer, Professor of Music/Director of Harmony Section of Shanghai Conservatory of Music




A bridge is a metaphor for mutual understanding, communication and exchange of media. The 4th “SoundBridge 2019” Contemporary Music Festival undoubtedly serves as a bridge for music. This is a bridge for musicians to gather, interact, and create new vistas in the world of contemporary music. This is a bridge between the public and art, allowing the public to enter the world of contemporary music and allowing art to permeate into everyone’s lives. This is a bridge between tradition and innovation, fully showcasing the many facets of art! I hereby send my heartiest wishes for the success of the 4th “SoundBridge 2019” Contemporary Music Festival!



Prof. Ju, Tzong-Ching

Artistic Director of Ju Percussion Group, Chairman of National Performing Arts Center, Chair Professor of Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), and Emeritus Professor of Nation Taiwan University of Arts (NTUA).



音乐是各民族智慧的结晶,是人类心灵的声音。作曲家钟启荣博士创办的“音桥” 将世界各地的音乐汇聚于马来西亚,突显其国际视野和艺术担当。“音桥”不仅是文化的交流和碰撞,更是心灵的交流与沟通。


Music is the crystallization of all cultural intellect and the sound that emerges from the depths of the human soul. This “SoundBridge” built by composer Dr Chong Kee Yong brings music from all over the world together here in Malaysia, revealing his global outlook and sense of artistic responsibility. “SoundBridge” is not simply about the interaction of various cultures; even more so, it represents the meeting of souls.

Sending my heartiest wishes for the success of the 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival!


作曲家、中央音乐学院副院长, 作曲系教授

Prof. Qin Wenchen


Deputy director of the Central Conservatory of Music (China)

Professor of composition at the Central Conservatory of Music (China)


Jia KuoPing-SB2019


“SoundBridge 2019” Contemporary Music Festival brings contemporary musical culture into a multicultural land where various groups of people with rich cultural heritages interact, undoubtedly setting the stage for the mutual meeting of tradition and innovation, sparking off the exchange of new musical cultures. At the same time, the local culture would contribute its own unique influence to the contemporary musical cultures from various countries, hereby inspiring mutual progress. Wishing the 4th SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival great success in advance!


作曲家,北京中央音樂學院作曲教授, 中央音乐学院音乐研究所所长/中国大学人文社科重点研究所

Prof JIA Guoping

Composer, professor of composition and academic supervisor of doctoral students at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (China), director of Institute of Musicology in Central Conservatory of Music/Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities of China.



Collaborations of various sorts, across artistic disciplines, help to build bridges not only in sound but also in humanity.

Isao Matsushita, the late president of the Asian Composers League, once referred to Asia as a “potential treasury”. His reference was to the unique music, culture, dance, food, costumes, and so much more to be found throughout Asia.

May artists from different parts of the world enjoy several aspects of Asian culture during this three-day festival and start a bridge toward the next generation.

Izumi Miyoshi

Secretary-General of Asian Composers League (ACL) and The Japan Federation of Composers Inc.



Soundbridge is a festival like no other in the country. Under the reign of our pioneer Dr Kee Yong Chong, world-class musicians are brought to Malaysia for a week of truly meaningful collaborations. This is not only an important platform for composers, performers and audiences but also a crucial step for Malaysia to join the ranks of important contemporary festivals in the world.

I wish Soundbridge Festival all the success this year and beyond – you have my full support!

Prof Foo Mei Yi

Concert pianist

Professor of piano at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (UK)


Michael Asmara-SB2017

This contemporary music festival has been hosted for several times. The Contemporary Music Festival “SoundBridge” 2019, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA a festival that will be present contemporary composers and presented by international well-known musicians who has a strong dedication to contemporary music.   Therefore I believe this festival will be one of the very monumental and important music festivals in South East Asia. To run the contemporary music festival is not easy, we need extra creativity, dedication, confidence, unity, love and work hard.

Bravo to the staff and sponsorship that is support and involvement.

On the other hand, seemed the progress of contemporary art music in Southeast Asia in general and Malaysia in particular time to time is writhing and remarkable. I am quite sure, it will give a significant contribution to art music in the field.

Congratulation to my dear Malaysian composers’ friends Dr Chong Kee Yong, Yii Kah Hoe, SMCC and many of his colleagues, the initiators and mentors of the festival and your foreign countries friends and Happy New Ears, Selamat Berfestival!!

Michael Asmara

Composer/Artistic Director of Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival



SoundBridge is not only an interesting initiative but also plays a vital role in connecting musicians and composers, especially within the South East Asia region.

Thanks to Dr Chong Kee Yong in his tireless efforts to keep this important activity growing with his indomitable spirit and energy.

Dr Otto Sidharta

Composer/Music Committee of Jakarta Arts Council


©Stefen Chow

Very glad to be part of another SoundBridge festival this year. It will be another illuminating experience to listen to all the music performed by renowned performers. Looking forward to the festival and many more in the future.

Prof. Ho Chee Kong

Professor of composition at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music


Chino Toledo-SB2019

It is with extreme respect that I commend Festival director Dr Kee Yong Chong for his artistic vision and boundless energy to have SOUNDBRIDGE Festival.

I really admire the involvement of international artists from different part of the world – making the festival a hub for collaboration and dialogue of insights and ideas.

I wish the festival the greatest success, and to have all the opportunities to continue and sustain this wonderful festival.

It is with great pleasure that I write a short congratulatory message for the SoundBridge Contemporary Music Festival 2019, now in its fourth edition.

Prof. Chino Toledo

Composer/Conductor/Professor of composition at the University of Philippines



New Music is always reflected in the current society.  It is meaningful for our life to deeply connect us to art and music.  A current situation has occurred that everything is vastly connected. It is difficult to maintain one’s identity to be a citizen of one country anymore.  Now, we are mostly the citizens of the world.  All of the cultures have been blended and what we experience is the outcome of the mixed cultures.  SoundBridge is an important platform that opens for a new way of communication for composers and musicians.  It’s important that we should join forces to maintain this wonderful festival to be an important part of our life.  Nothing is better than a real experience of the living composers and artists. It will certainly change the view of music society and reveal the true meaning of new music that reacts to current society and starts the new legacy for many more generations to come.

I wholeheartedly support the SoundBridge and wish all the best for this festival to make a great impact on our society.

Dr Narong Prangcharoen, D.M.A.

Dean, College of Music, Mahidol University

Artistic Director of Thailand International Composition Festival


KinNgoc Tran-SB2019

We are living in a flat world but, paradoxically, we are becoming more and more lonely, more distant from each other. It was great to see my friend Kee Yong Chong bring Sound Bridge Festival back on its journey. This Bridge not only liaises the isolated musical individuals but also interconnects different cultural lands to create interactions and open the multi-dimensional space needed for any music entity.

Sending to Kee Yong Chong and Sound Bridge 2019 thousands of best wishes. I wish you with steady steps and finding more support in the future to be able to sustainably develop as a trusted address of Malaysian contemporary music on the contemporary music world map. Congratulation!-

KimNgoc Tran
Composer/Artistic director of Hanoi New Music Festival




Simply WOWWWW! was my first reaction when Chong Kee-Yong introduced me to the universe of the SoundBridge Festivals years ago: SoundBridge is about innovation as well as rich artistic and cultural diversity with both adventurous composers and performers in a promising hotspot for contemporary music: Malaysia! Welcome to a true ear-opening experience!

Javier Hagen aka JIP

President ISCM Switzerland & IGNM-VS

Board Swissfestivals Association, Swiss Music Edition SME & UNESCO-ICH-VS

Artistic director Swiss Contemporary Music Festival Forum Wallis

2.Soundbridge 2019_Roll Up

Masterclass 1: Chinese Instruments-Pipa, Erhu and Guzheng

FB_Masterclass cover_Chinese Intrumental

Conducted by four masters from China Ms Qi Jie (pipa), Prof. Yang Xue (erhu), Prof. Zhou Zhan (guzheng) and Prof. Sheng Yang (guzheng)

Date: 19th November 2019 (Wednesday) 5:45pm to 10pm

Venue: Block E: E5.06; E5.07; E5.08; E5.09

Admission by registration

POSTER_Chinese Instrumental Masterclass_3tets

Masterclass 2: String quartet

FB_Masterclass cover_Kairos Quartet

Conducted by the renowned German Kairos quartet, showcasing 21st-century string quartet repertoire and open rehearsals of selected festival pieces.

Date: 21st November 2019 (Thursday) 11am to 1pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 20

Admission by registration

POSTER_String Quartet Masterclass

Concert 1: Festival opening concert-Fundraising

FB_concert-cover_1 Fundraising

Themed “Strings from the East”, the opening concert is a fundraising drive in support of the future of the SoundBridge festival. The concert features two famous Chinese instrumental ensembles from China, the Emerald guzheng ensemble, and the Bows and Strings’ Dance huqin quartet, who will perform works from their repertoire and six new works specially written for them by our festival guest composers. 

Date: 21st November 2019 (Thursday), 8pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 12

Admission by Donation


  1. 翡翠 Emerald for guzheng ensemble (2009)–Wang Danhong (China)–#arrangement by Zhou Zhan (China)**
  2. 异象之二 Heteromorphism II for guzheng duo (2019)–Tan Jingang (China)*
  3. 秦土情 The soil of Qin for guzheng concerto (2008)–Zhou Zhan (China) **
  4. Confusion no.  3:  father. daughter for guzheng and viola (2019)–Huang Xiaotong (China)*
  5. 梦回临安 Returning to Lin’An in a Dream for guzheng ensemble (2015) –Sheng Yan, Zhou Zhan (China)**

Performed by: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble; Yoshiko Hannya (viola; on 4) 


  1. 良宵 The Pleasant Night for erhu quartet (1927)–Liu Tian Hua (China) #arrangement by Yang Xue **
  2. Whispers of Autumn (2019) for erhu quartet (2019)–Ho Chee Kong (Singapore) *
  3. Three Miniatures no. 1, 旅歌Passage, no. 3, 啐啄Chirping for erhu duo (2014)–Chow Jun Yi (Malaysia) **
  4. 声腔板式 Operatic Charm, Theatrical Rhythms (2019) for huqin quartet–Hu Xiao (China) *
  5. 空山鸟语 Voice of the Quiet of the Mountains for huqin quartet (2019)–Yii Kah Hoe (Malaysia) *
  6. 弓弦舞 Bows and Strings’ Dance for huqin quartet (2014)–Li Bochan (China) **

Performed by: Bows and Strings’ Dance huqin quartet

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere


Concert 2: Malaysian Voices-VI

FB_concert-cover_2 Malaysia-Voices

—Featuring renowned Malaysian pianist Dr Nicholas Ong, who will perform piano solo works by nine selected Malaysian composers. 

Date: 22nd November 2019 (Friday), 12:00pm-1:00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 20

Admission by Donation


  1. Three short pieces: no. 1, Impromptu, no. 2, Hello Stranger, no.3, Soaring (2011)–Neo Hup Hiang *
  2. Trilateral Accord (2019)–Julian Chan *
  3. Life. Awareness (2016)–Tee Xiao Xi
  4. A hailstorm of tears (2019)–Chin Hong Da **
  5. Growing scene 2 (2019) –Teh Tze Siew *
  6. My spirit is playing (2016)–Yii Kah Hoe
  7. Let’s Have Fun (2013)–Wong Chee Wei
  8. Time flows (2007)–Chong Kee Yong **
  9. Meditasi Lagu Dalam Mimpi (2019)–Tazul Tajuddin *

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere

Concert 3: “Bach meets Crumb—George Crumb 90th Anniversary”

Ya-ou Xie’s piano solo recital

FB_concert-cover_3 Ya-Ou Xie

Featuring renowned Germany-based Chinese pianist and Kayserburg artist of the Pearl River Piano Group, Ms Ya-ou Xie, who will perform fifteen inventions (1722) by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) as well as four pieces from Makrokosmos I (1972) & II (1978) by George Crumb (1929-).

In this concert, we are mourning the passing of Prof. Chou Wen-Chung on the morning of October 25, 2019, at the age of 96. Prof Chou was a great mentor to a large number of young composers and musicians. His in-depth exploration and practice in the convergence of Eastern and Western musicians have had a huge impact to many of us! He will be missed by all of us tremendously, and his legacy will live with us forever.

 We would like to thank Ms Xie for agreeing to do a special performance of Prof Chou’s piano masterpiece “The Willows are New,” as a tribute to his contributions to the younger generations of Asian composers and musicians at her “Bach meets Crumb” piano solo recital in the SoundBridge festival 2019.

Date: 22nd November 2019 (Friday), 1:00pm-2:00pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 20

Admission by Donation


Johan Sebastian Bach

Invention No. 1, C major, BWV 772

Invention No. 2, C minor, BWV 773

Invention No. 3, D major, BWV 774

Invention No. 4, D minor, BWV 775

George Crumb

II/3, Rain Death Variations, Pisces **

Johan Sebastian Bach

Invention No. 5, E-flat major, BWV 776

Invention No. 6, E major, BWV 777

Invention No. 7, E minor, BWV 778

Invention No. 8, F major, BWV 779

Invention No. 9, F minor, BWV 780 

George Crumb

I/10, Spring-Fire, Aries **

I/11, Dream Images (Love-Death Music), Gemini **

Johan Sebastian Bach

Invention No. 10, G major, BWV 781

Invention No. 11, G minor, BWV 782

Invention No. 12, A major, BWV 783

Invention No. 13, A minor, BWV 784

Invention No. 14, B-flat major, BWV 785

Invention No. 15, B minor, BWV 786

George Crumb

I/8, The Magic Circle of Infinity (Molto Perpetuo) <Symbol>, Leo **

Special performance: In memorial of Prof. Chou Wen-Chung 

Chou Wen-Chung (USA/China)

“The Willows are New” for piano solo

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere

Concert 4: Connecting Cities-III

FB_concert-cover_4-Connecting Cities

Themed “Strings from the East and West”, the renowned Germany-based Kairos quartet and KCAC resident violinist Megumi Ikeda will join renowned string soloists Ng Teck Hing (guqin), Zhou Zhan (guzheng), Sheng Yang (guzheng), Lou Lin (guzheng), Qi Jie (pipa), Yang Xue (erhu) in performing traditional Chinese works as well as six compositions by renowned composers hailing from various cities.

Date: 22nd November 2019 (Friday), 8pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 12

Admission by Donation


  1. Mantra for violin solo (2001) -To my great friend, Kazuki Sawa–Isao Matsushita [SoundBridge express our Memoriam to maestro Isao Matsushita] **

Violin: Megumi Ikeda (Japan)

  1. 郿鄠调 The Melody of Meihu (1958) for erhu solo–folk music arrangement by Lu Rirong

Erhu: Yang Xue (China)

  1. TANGIS (Lament) for erhu and string quartet (2019)–Josefino Chino Toledo (Philippine) *

Erhu: Yang Xue (China); Kairos Quartet (Germany)

  1. 高山流水 Gao Shan Liu Shui (High Mountain and Running River) folk music for guzheng duo

Guzheng: Zhou Zhan (China) and Sheng Yang (China)

  1. 弦嬉 Hippy strings for guzheng and string quartet (2019)–Li Yiguo (China) *

Guzheng: Lou Lin (China); Kairos Quartet (Germany)

  1. Seven Gaudi’s Ornaments for string quartet (2019)–Sayyid Shafiee (Malaysia) *

Kairos Quartet (Germany)


  1. 弦子韵 Xuan Zi Yun (The charm of strings) for pipa solo–Tang Liangxing (China) **

Pipa: Qi Jie (China)

  1. 梦。亭 Dreaming. Pavilion for pipa and string quartet (2019)–Chong Kee Yong (Malaysia) **

Pipa: Qi Jie (China); Kairos Quartet (Germany)

  1. 十年一剑 Ten Years, One Sword for guqin solo (2018) –Ng Teck Hing (Malaysia)

Guqin: Ng Teck Hing (Malaysia)

  1. ParametaStrings for string quartet and tape (1996)–Unsuk Chin (Germany/Korea) **

 Kairos Quartet (Germany)

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere


Megumi Ikeda (Violin), KCAC resident artist exchange program with “SoundBridge 2019”

Yang Xue (erhu)

Zhou Zhan (guzheng)

Sheng Yang (guzheng)

Lou Lin (guzheng)

Qi Jie (pipa)

Ng Teck Hing (guqin)

Kairos Quartet:

Wolfgang Bender, (violin)

Stefan Häussler (violin)

Simone Heilgendorff (viola)

Claudius von Wrochem (cello)

Panel discussion: The Trend of Cross-Media in Contemporary Music-IV

FB cover_Panel Discussion

–The festival will host the 4th time of the panel discussion with veteran artists to talk about the topic of “The Trend of Cross-Media in Contemporary Music”. The discussion will explore ways to promote cross-media collaboration with contemporary music. The panellists are Agung Gunawan (Indonesia), Prof. Lukas Ligeti (Austria/USA), Dr Jiradej Setabundhu (Thailand), Dr Jean-David Caillouet (France), Hirokaz Ota (Japan) and Dr Tazul Tajuddin (Malaysia). The moderator of this discussion will be our festival director Dr Sayyid Shafiee (Malaysia).

Date: 23rd November (Saturday), 10am-12pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 12

Free Admission

Concert 5: SoundBridge-IV

FB_concert-cover_5 SoundBridge

In conjunction with various artists, our festival ensemble will perform eight new works by eight Asian young composers, each featuring a cross-media collaboration between contemporary music with traditional music, dance, visual arts, improvisation, and live electronics.

Date: 23rd November (Saturday), 5pm

Venue: Experimental Theatre

Admission by Donation

PROGRAM (No intermission)

  1. Déjà vu for toy piano, sheng, pipa, clarinet, violin, double bass and live electronics–Yen-Lin Goh (Malaysia) *

Collaborated artist: Sound artist PNursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia)

Live electronics: Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia); Toy piano: Yen-Lin Goh (Malaysia); Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan);  Pipa: Qi Jie (China); Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan); Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan); Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China)   

  1. 人生如幻 Life is an illusion for pipa, erhu, clarinet, viola, percussion and fixed media playback–Chua Jon Lin (Singapore) *

Collaborated artist: Lin Shao Ling (Singapore) 

Sound Projection: Patrick Hartono (Indonesia); Pipa: Qi Jie (China); Erhu: Bows and Strings’ Dance (China); Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan); Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan); Percussion: Aris Huzaimi  (Malaysia); Conductors: Lee Kok Leong (Malaysia)   

  1. HNNOH VI for traditional Indonesia instruments, sheng, pipa, zhong ruan, violin and double bass–Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia)*

Collaborated artist: Sheng master Lung-Yi Huang (Taiwan)

Traditional Indonesia instruments: Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia); Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan); Pipa: Qi Jie (China); Zhong Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia); Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan); Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China); Conductor: Ya-ou Xie (China)       

  1. Humanity for a dancer, erhu, guzheng, violin, viola and percussion–Rayner Naili (Malaysia) *

Collaborated artist: dancer Agung Gunawan (Indonesia)

Dancer: Agung Gunawan (Indonesia); Erhu: Bows and Strings’ Dance (China); Guzheng: Teo Jian Xiang (Malaysia); Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan); Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan); Percussion: Aris Huzaimi  (Malaysia); Conductors: Lee Kok Leong (Malaysia)     

  1. iel for pipa, zhong ruan, guzheng,  sheng,  clarinet with live electronics and improviser–Luong Hue Trinh (Vietnam) *

Collaborated artist: Improviser artist Lukas Ligeti (Austria/America)

Live electronics: Luong Hue Trinh (Vietnam); Improviser: Lukas Ligeti; Pipa: Qi Jie (China); Zhong Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia); Guzheng: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble (China); Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan); Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan)

  1. Tu es mon voleur d’ombre, où que tu sois, Je penserai toujours à toi for a dancer, erhu, guzheng, violin, clarinet, percussion, double bass and fixed media playback –Zhang Tongfen (China) *

Collaborated artists: performing artist Tan Yanjing (China) and dancer Zhu Shiya (China) 

Erhu: Bows and Strings’ Dance (China); Guzheng: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble (China); Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan);Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan); Percussion: Aris Huzaimi  (Malaysia); Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China); Conductors: Lee Kok Leong (Malaysia)  

  1. Plastic Island for accordion, sheng, zhong ruan, viola, double bass and video projection–Kawirat Saimek (Thailand) *

Collaborated artist: composer Jiradej Setabundhu (Thailand) and video artist Jean-David Caillouet (France) 

Visual: Jean-David Caillouet (France); Accordion: Kawirat Saimek (Thailand); Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan); Zhong Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia); Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan); Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China)

  1. Under the Steps for viola solo, guzheng, zhong ruan, violin, clarinet and video projection–Natsuki Niwa (Japan) *

Collaborated artist: violist Yoshiko Hannya (Japan)

Visual: Jean-David Caillouet (France); Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan); Guzheng: Teo Jian Xiang (Malaysia); Zhong Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia); Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan); Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan); Conductor: Ya-ou Xie (China)

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere

Festival Studio C ensemble:

Toy piano: Yen-Lin Goh (Malaysia)

Traditional Indonesia instruments: Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia)

Live electronics: Luong Hue Trinh (Vietnam)

Accordion: Kawirat Saimek (Thailand)

Erhu: Bows and Strings’ Dance (China)

Guzheng: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble (China)

Guzheng: Teo Jian Xiang (Malaysia)

Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan)

Pipa: Qi Jie (China)

Zhong Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia)

Clarinet: Tsai Pei Lun (Taiwan)

Violin: Megumi Ikeda (Japan)

Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan)

Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan)

Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China)

Percussion: Aris Huzaimi (Malaysia)

Conductor: Ya-ou Xie (China)

Conductors: Lee Kok Leong 


Live electronics: Patrick Hartono (Indonesia) & Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (Indonesia)

Mentor: Lin Shao Ling (Singapore)SoundBridge 2019_Fianl Web booklet

Sheng master: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan)

Dancer: Agung Gunawan (Indonesia)

Improviser artist: Lukas Ligeti (Austria/America)

Performing artist: Tan Yanjing (China)

Dancer: Zhu Shiya (China)

Visual: Jean-David Caillouet (France)

Mentor: Jiradej Setabundhu (Thailand)

Violist: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan)

Concert 6: Festival closing concert-Chong Kee Yong and friends-I

FB_concert-cover_6 Keeyong&amp;Friends

–The festival will conclude with our local contemporary music pioneer as well as the Festival’s Artistic Director Dr Chong Kee Yong’s portrait concert presented together with his long-term collaborators and musician friends. 

Date: 23rd November (Saturday), 8pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 12

Admission by Donation

PROGRAM (No intermission)

  1. 淚聲聲慢 Sound of slow tears for guzheng solo accompanied by four bowed guzhengs (2018) **

Guzheng: Teo Jian Xiang (Malaysia); 4 bowed Guzheng: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble

  1. 雲漪 Yun Yi for violin and viola (2018) **

Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan); Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan)

  1. 鐘石 Bell stone for percussion solo (2011, rev.2017) **

Percussion: Max Riefer (Germany)

  1. 內心鏡 Inner mirror string quartet no.  3 with pre-recorded audio (2006) **

Kairos Quartet (Germany)

  1. 靜心。花海 Jing Xin. Hua Hai  (Peaceful heart. Ocean of flowers) for traditional 37-reed soprano sheng solo (2014) **

Traditional 37-reed soprano sheng: Lung-Yi Huang (Taiwan)

  1. 眼淚的海洋 Ocean of tears for bass flute solo (2013) ** (After listening to PATANGIS-BUWAYA by Prof. Jonas Baes)

Bass flute: Daiske Kino-Shita (Japan)

  1. 湧現的四季 Streams of four seasons for four groups of guzheng, da ruan, double bass and two percussionists (2015) **

Guzheng ensemble: Emerald Guzheng Ensemble (China); Da Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia); Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China); Percussion:  Aris Huzaimi and Adam Sharawi  (Malaysia); Conductor: Zhou Zhan (China)

* World premiere; ** Malaysia premiere

Festival Studio C ensemble

Guzheng: Teo Jian Xiang (Malaysia)

Sheng: Huang Lung Yi (Taiwan)

Da Ruan: Ong May Yi (Malaysia)

Violin: Saori Nakazawa (Japan)

Viola: Yoshiko Hannya (Japan)

Bass flute: Daiske Kino-Shita (Japan)

Double bass: Huang Xiao Tong (China)

Percussion: Max Riefer (Germany)

Percussion: Aris Huzaimi (Malaysia)

Percussion: Adam Sharawi (Malaysia)

Guzheng ensemble:

Emerald Guzheng Ensemble (China)

Conductor: Zhou Zhan (China)  

Kairos Quartet:

Wolfgang Bender, (violin)

Stefan Häussler (violin)

Simone Heilgendorff (viola)

Claudius von Wrochem (cello)


Agung Gunawan (Indonesia)

Zhu Shiya (China)


Jean-David Caillouet (France)

Sound projectionist:

Patrick Hartono (Indonesia)


Download the full program booklet

SoundBridge 2019_Fianl Web booklet   SoundBridge_2019




Concert 21 Nov 2019

Normal SMCC Member/TUTAS & MIA students Student / Senior Citizen / Disabled
Single-show Ticket RM 50 RM 40 Free with registration RM 25
Festival Pass*      — RM 180 Free with registration RM 150

Festival Pass is one ticket for all concerts. (Except the fundraising concert on 21 Nov 2019!)

More information: Tel: 016-9064112

F: @soundbridgefestival

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