08-12 April 2018_Fellow of Abu Dhabi ArtSummit 2018 (The United Arab Emirates)

16-20 April 2018_Visiting professor for Danish Royal Music Academy (Denmark)

28 May-5 June_Featured composer and artistic director of North 10 Ensemble (Malaysia) for Nanning Music Week Festival (China)

14-22 July, Jury and speaker of the Banaue International Music Composition Competition 2018 (Philippine)

1-10 August, music director of  the 音乐剧名《尼玛 达瓦措 嘎玛--在泥巴村》Nyima,Dawatso & Kar-ma In Earth Village children music theatre ; Venue: Songpan, Cengdu (China). More information

19-30 August 2018, director of the 2nd edition SoundBridge Cultural field trip and Composition Workshop in Indonesia (Bandung-Pacitan-Yogjakarta-Bali)

Prof. Dr. Chong Kee Yong’s 2nd edition of “SoundBridge” Indonesian Cultural field trips and composition Master Class 2018
【日期】:2018年8月19日至8月30日 (12天11晚)
Date: 19 August to 30 Aug 2018 (12 days 11 nights)
从印尼的西爪哇万隆民间的昂格隆音乐和迷幻舞蹈, 到东爪哇向爪哇宫庭舞大師Agung Gunawan学习宫庭加美兰和舞蹈; 再去体验印尼艺术之都和佛教圣地的日惹之生活,然后飞往巴厘岛向舞蹈大師Baris Anom学习巴厘岛加美兰,舞蹈 和猴子合唱, 在采風期间还能享受最地道的美食,美景和人文风情, 又能和钟啟荣老师分享作曲和艺术创作心得, 你还在等什么?
From Indonesia’s West Java folk music of Angklung and trance dances in Bandung, to East Java to learn gamelan and dance with the master of Javanese dance guru Agung Gunawan; then go the most important capital of arts of Indonesia Yojgakrta to feel the vibes of arts making; later fly to Bali to learn Balinese gamelan, dance and Kecak from the guru Anom Baris; During the cultural field trips, you can enjoy the most delicious local foods, beauty scenery and cultural customs, most importantly, you can share the composing and artistic creation experience with composer Dr. Chong Kee Yong. What are you waiting for?
【费用】:1000美金(包括所有住宿费、学费,餐饮费、当地交通费, 门票及行政费等)
Course fee: 1000 USD (Including accommodation, course fee, food, local transportation, entrance tickets and administration fee)
注意: 往返机票,(可自己找最便宜的到雅加达和从巴厘岛离开的机票),旅游签证和保险须自理。印尼万隆-日惹-巴厘岛的两趟机票须自付(大约100美金),但由主辦方統一購買。
Important note: Participants have to take care of their own return flight ticket to Jakarta and leave Bali, tourist visa (if applicable) and travel insurance. For the local flight tickets from Bandung to Yogyakarta and Bali (Approx 100USD), participants will pay for their fee and our organization will help to buy those local flight tickets.
Registration: Preferable studious and creative students, especially interested in composing, ethnomusicology, percussionist, dancing and art creation students. We only take maximum 15 participants.
Language: English and Chinese
截止日期: 04-06-2018
End of registration: 04 June 2018
Language: English and Chinese
Wechat微信: Esther6202
Please check out the online report from our former student and reporter of Independent-pitch online magazine Ms Li Qian Yun on our 1st “SoundBridge” Indonesia Cultural field trip and composition workshop 2017.

New composition for violin and viola

New composition for Guzheng duo

New Guzheng solo commissioned by Taiwanese guzheng virtuoso Kuo Min-Chin

New Chinese chamber ensemble piece “Bridge”commissioned by Dingyi Music Company (Singapore)


2019 Appointed as music director for “Old house” concert project of Taipei Chamber Singers (Taiwan)

Upcoming performances

Pages from Endless echoes from the ancient land_Full score_Chong

“Endless Echo from the Ancient Land” (2014) for alto flute, 4 wine glasses, and pre-recorded sounds

SETTS ensemble (Southeastern Ensemble for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Sounds – SETTS) will be performing this composition in the Sounding Now Festival – a contemporary music festival curated by the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

Date: Sunday, April 22, 2018; 15:00

Venue: Conservatory Orchestra Hall

“Yuan-He” Taiwan premiere at ACL Taiwan Music Festival 2018

Pages from Yuan-He_(fin12)_2018_ACL Taiwan.mus

New version of “Yuan. Liu” for flute, 2 pianos and 2 percussion for flutist Rebecca Lenton and Berlin PianoPercussion ensemble; Date: 02 Feb 2019; venue: Berlin Konzerthaus