2002          “METAMORPHOSIS III” for piano solo (Universal Edition, A.G)


 2002           “FOR ANOTHER BETTER WORLD” for violin solo (Universal Edition, A.G)


 2001           “FLYING SHADOW” for guitar solo (Lantro Edition, Belgium)

All other compositions of Dr. CHONG is published by Edition Studio C.




Breakthrough and Rebirth_CD pages



Wayang-Lagu (Shadow. Song for the drama)

for large mixed choir A cappella with 4 wine glasses players is performed by Taipei Chamber Singers (Taiwan) and CHEN Yun-Hung (conductor)

《破繭與重生》-文藝復興vs.當代合唱音樂作品集 CD available on:


SMCC SoundBridge 2013 CD/DVD

Time flow III

CD/DVD available on:

SMCC SoundBridge 2015 CD/DVD


CD/DVD available on:

Just One Minute More
(DVD, Transatlantic Foundation for Music and Art)
– Time Flows (Guy Livingstone, piano)
Pianist and producer Guy Livingston launched his career in 1998 with a best-selling CD called “Don’t Panic”, which premiered sixty new pieces by sixty young composers, each commissioned by Livingston to write one-minute piano pieces. Back for an encore ten years later, Livingston has commissioned sixty new composers from all over the world, including one by Chong titled Time Flows (2007) for Solo Piano. DVD available on Amazon


Messiaen/Chong: Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps
(FUG 540 , Fuga Libera 2008)
– Mourning the Murder Of An Old Banyan Tree (2002) (Het Collectief)
The Het Collectief releases a tribute to Olivier Messiaen, pairing the famous quartet of 1941 with Chong’s threnody for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello.

Traces of Asia – Ensemble Intégrales
(COV 60706, Coviello Contempoarary, Germany 2008)
– Metamorphosis IV for amplified violin/viola, double bass & CD (2001) (Ensemble Integrales)
The Ensemble Integrales interprets Asian compositions of Chong, Mashayeki, Mochizuki, Leilei Tian and more.


Violin faces- Wibert Aerts
(Fuga Libera 2008)
– For another better world for violin solo
Wibert Aerts, member of the Belgium new music ensemble Het Collectief who has been collaborating with Chong for a number of years, releases an album of solo violin works including Bach, Berio and Harmann.

Faith, Hope & Chaos, Malaysian Contemporary Music Vol 1
(Hardesh Singh & Ch Loh, Off The Edge February 08)
– Metamorphosis VI – Wind prayer (Nieuw Ensemble)
– Monodrama for Oboe, ensemble & live electronics (Spectra Ensemble) Chong’s             music inspired Malaysia’s first anthology of contemporary music.

Contemporanea 2002
(TauKay 123, Italy)
– Four short laments for X for ensemble (2001) (Interensemble)
Chong’s chamber work appears in a programme of works by composers such as Bertona, Giacometti, Tian, Ohmae, Fanticini, Filoseta & Saario.


Amy Lin Interprets Contemporary Piano Works
(ABW clasics ABW 1001, Germany)
Metamorphosis III for piano solo (2001) (Amy Lin, piano)
American pianist Amy Lin performs Chong’s piano work as part of a programme of contemporary piano music that includes the music of Chow Wen Chung, Zhou Long and Chen Yi.

Luxembourg Sinfonietta International Composition Prize 2008 CD-collection

“Phoenix calling” for Sheng solo and ensemble



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